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Our mission at Save the Bees is simple: to provide high-quality beekeeping services and honey products for our valued clients. Our team of beekeepers go above and beyond to cater to each backyard beehive’s specific needs. On a routine basis, our experienced beekeepers will visit your backyard hives to perform the required maintenance to ensure your honey bees are healthy and productive.

We have clients in Georgetown, Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, and Middleburg that would be available to provide references of our services.  

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Why Get Backyard Beekeeping Services

Keep your bee colony alive!

Having Save-the-B care for your colony allows you to have all the benefits of owning a hive, without the responsibility or the know-how of keeping your bees alive.  You have access to our skilled beekeepers both in person and via email to answer any questions you have about honeybees in general or more specifically your colony.

We install your honeybee colony and provide them with any support they may require to be a healthy and productive colony. In these days of numerous diseases, Colony Collapse Disorder, pesticides, and higher colony mortality rates than in the past, getting Save the Bees services is your best bet to keep your colony alive. 

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Major Beekeeping Activities By Season

  • Initial visit to your backyard by our beekeeper can assess if there is enough space for an apiary and to assess the hive equipment readiness (A complete hive set contains all necessary hive items: one bottom board, three 8-frame medium boxes, 24 frames, one inner cover, and one outer cover.)  

  • Spring: Installation of package bees, prepare hive for nectar flow, check for mites and swarming.

  • Summer: Harvest honey, control for small hive beetles and mites, assess queen performance, and remove drone comb.

  • Fall: Mite treatment, queen replacement, feeding, hive space and resource management.

  • Winter: Reduce entrance, ensure proper ventilation, and add emergency fondant and proteins to avoid starvation.

Professional Services

What We Provide

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Integrated Beehive Management

Save the Bees only uses organic treatments to ensure your bees thrive to produce your honey. 

This service includes the installation of up to 2 hives (during the spring only); routing visits and reporting (6-8 visits per season);  organic mite treatment application (spring and fall); feeding when required (spring and fall); queen replacement (when necessary)

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Honey Harvesting

Save the Bees can harvest the honey for you and return it to you in jars for you to label.

3739 30th Rd N
Arlington, Arlington County 22207

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